Suffering from an acute attack of musical good taste, this site features a ‘light collection of classical and jazz piano favorites’, reminiscient of the era of the old show tunes of the 40’s and 50’s.

These tunes are arranged and performed by me with a cabaret, instrumental-only, “jazz trio” sort of feel. If you like this kinda thing, or know someone who does - these CDs make good and inexpensive Christmas gifts.

  • Looking for a gift for a “White Elephant” party?
  • Looking for a gift for an “office gift swap”?
  • Perhaps you’re someone’s “secret Santa” in your church?

These CDs are reasonably priced, tasteful, family friendly, and make a great addition to your CD collection. I promise you - no dolphins were harmed during the making of these CDs - and that’s something you can feel good about.

All Music is arranged, performed, recorded, mastered, and so on by me -- Dave. You can find more about me on my LinkedIn profile. If you care to comment, pester, or otherwise contact me - check out IntelligentStandards.com.

Thanks for visiting.